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IBD / diarrhea for months -any suggestions help!

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My dog has always had digestion issues since she has been 1 years old. With flare ups that would happen every 5-6 months but was always controlled with probiotics and an antibiotic. Now she is turning 4 years old and she got sick in early November with diarrhea and intermittent vomiting. This time it didn’t get better. She has had diarrhea for coming up on 2 months, occasional vomiting and has lost 20 lbs (60 lbs down to 40 lbs), she is anorexic now. She will not eat anything at all, the most we can get her to eat is 3-4 small pieces of duck a day and even at that most of the time she will refuse. (We have tried royal canin, hills, novel protein like horse, duck, rabbit, fish, kangaroo, etc, it didn’t work she won’t eat). She was hospitalized for the last 5 days and now has a feeding tube. The vets suspect IBD. She has been tested for Addison’s, leptospirosis, infections of the gull bladder, worms, parasites, etc. Nothing has been conclusive. She will not eat any dog food either. Blood panel has been done a couple times, ultra sounds has been done twice and an X-ray. There is no sign of cancer but there is a mass on her adrenal gland that the specialists do not feel it is relevant or cancerous. Her lymph nodes have been biopsied for cancer, that was negative and concluded as they are enlarged by a reactionary response. Only result on the blood panel was high SMDA but they feel that was because she was extremely dehydrated. She is on Tylosin, erythromycin, metaclopramide, cerenia, omeprazole, cortison injections, and baytril. The diarrhea has not stopped, there have been no conclusive results and she doesn’t have much time if we can’t figure it out. Any suggestions are welcome but please refrain from telling me she is on too much medication as I already know it’s a lot but we have 3 internist medicine vets who do not want to remove any of the medications yet, it’s been quite the battle. If anyone can suggest food that is super enticing to dogs (she is allergic to chicken though), any suggestions on what to look into or if anyone thinks there is a contraindication in what she is taking, anything is welcome! Please!

thank you,
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