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I was told that I can not take my 10 week old puppy out side

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I have a Shizu and he is 10 weeks. He does not see the vet again for 3 more weeks. I was told by the people that we bought him from that he can not go out side until he gets more shots because he could get sick.....Ok well how do I train him to not p.p all over my house. I have him on training pads and about 2 out of 10 times it works. I need some advice!!
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There is no reason you cannot take your puppy out for car rides, to the office, to see your family, friends, the kids next door, boating, puppy kingergarten, etc. The places you have to avoid are dog parks and other places where potentially sick or unvaccinated dogs have been. Aside from dog parks, IMO, the most dangerous place is the waiting room at the Vets office.
Right on! There are numerous places safe for your puppy.
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