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I want to change my dog's name

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She's 2 years old and was given to me by a friend who couldn't take care of her anymore. She's an all white husky and her name is Snowflake, I don't care much for the name and neither does anyone of my friends.

Here she is UPDATE: I think i'm going to go with KAIA
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Then change her name. :) Shouldn't be too difficult. Say her new name, when she looks at you, treat and repeat. Eventually every time you say her name, she'll automatically look at you. Viola!! New name learned. :)

*I don't care much for the name Snowflake either ;)*
Go ahead and change it. The names are often changed for rescues and it's not hard to learn a new one.
You might try something similar so she is not to confused such as Snowy.
I've changed every one of my adopted pets' names and they've all taken to them like that's what they were named all along. I think that it kind of gives them a "new start." Like someone else said, just make sure you associate good things with her new name. And I really don't think that it needs to be close to what her previous name was. Just go with something you like.

And let us know what you decided on!
since most of my dogs either had no name or had very inappropriate names (the kinds Christian woman say) I have renamed most of my dogs. They learn very quickly that you call them something else.

I am not a fan of snowflake either. Though I used to ride a jet black Quarter horse that went by that name. lol
Alvin answers to Alvin, Big Al, Alvie, Ninja, Doodle, Dog, hey you, and anything else I say in a happy voice while looking in his general direction. Frankly, I'm not sure how much impact a dog's name really has on it.
Thanks guys, I really like the name Stella but my best friend has a dog named Bella, so idk. Ideas are welcomed.
My dogs are had ridiculously horrible names we changed after we adopted them. They started their poor lives as Daisy, Elwin, and Sir Hot Cocoa. :rolleyes:
I agree no harm in changing her name - Pics would help to suggest a name but I've always like the name Star
I also vote go ahead and change it. Not a big fan of Snowflake either. Bridgette started out as "Lucky" which is really not a very lucky name for dogs IMO...so she became Bridgette, but again comes to Bridge, Bridgey, and Goober :p
I also agree to change her name! A husky named snowflake... :rolleyes::rolleyes: :)
Sir Hot Cocoa. :rolleyes:
Wow, that name is epic. It's so silly it almost goes back around to being cool!
Added pic on original post.
You could always call her "Blue," for her eyes. :p

I have had to "rename" dogs. The latest is Merlin; he just showed up in the pasture.

My son has a real talent for naming cats. He had a Cocoa and Hot Chocolate; they went to live with my mom many years ago when we had to move. He now has twins named Bruce Lee and Squirrels. :p
Wow, that name is epic. It's so silly it almost goes back around to being cool!
Haha. I thought it was absolutely stupid, and it's his AKC registered name. At the shelter they shortened it to Cocoa, which was still awful. When I picked him up I was like "You guys do know he's a male, right?"
What a beauty, and what a corny name! lol. I really like "Azure", it suits her and her eyes are a striking color of blue. Let us know what you come up with! ;)
Azure's a cool name!

I renamed Kaylee when I got her - it's WAY too confusing to have a dog named Katie and handler named Cait. :p
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