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I think I've gotten almost everything!

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I picked up one of the last "major" things for my soon to be puppy, the crate!

I now have:
Crate (36" - 24" - 27" I believe)
Food/Water bowls
2 puppy kongs (medium)
one puppy wubba kong
Large Plush heart
one Orbee-tuff small ball (may give that one to my ferrets, seems a bit small)
one Orbo medium planet
Air Kong stick
a few tennis balls
Nail clippers
Leash and collar for when he comes home (I want to get a harness and a better collar once I have him)
tooth brush and tooth paste

I also got a natural beef bone? I don't no if thats safe or not for him while he's a puppy. It looks like this one Here . Any ideas on it?

I think thats everything...

I still need to get brushes and a hair clipper, a name tag, harness (when I get him), training leash (one of those really long ones) and a bed once he's more house trained. Oh as well as food and some treats. I've decided on Acana Puppy and Junior for food.

If the beef bone isn't such a good idea, whats some chew type bones that are good for puppies. I know that raw hide isn't such a good idea, but whats some others that I could get?

*woot* The puppy is due to be born in 10 days!
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Thanks...I'll look to see if I can get some of them as well!

And I can't wait to see pictures of the pups, and pick out my boy! Its taking sooo long for them to be born and then the 8 weeks after that *dies*
Thanks :D I'll make sure I go and pick up a few then :D
I'm planning more on a Boy than Girl but that all depends when I see the little ones :)

And he's going to be an English Springer Spaniel. The only problem with the breeder I'm going to is shes so far away, I'll have to pick from a picture as I can only make one trip :( But :D I can't wait!

Oh and nope no name yet :)
Thanks Equinox :D

Its very exciting! I've really missed having a dog around since Max passed away in September (he was 15, so he lived a long age but :( ).

I work at a vet so that will be my vet :D . Puppy classes I don't no about right now, as I don't have time to go to them, at least right now *unless I can get Saturdays or Sundays). Though maybe I will, I'll have to call a few places. My house is Ferret proofed so, its pretty much puppy proofed ;) Just have to go a little bit higher in the proofing.

What breed's your puppy that your getting?
Thanks everyone :D

Locke, LOL my ferrets LOVE the small one, so I had a feeling that the pup might be the same way, thanks :D

And I have a camera :D . I'm a nut with picture taking so...there will be lots :D *woot* 9 more days and they are due!
Just wanted to post a picture of all the stuff together, as well as my cat Lightning showing off how he LOVES the crate...its a new bed for the cats to sleep on top of LOL. I need to get more stuff!

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