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I think I've gotten almost everything!

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I picked up one of the last "major" things for my soon to be puppy, the crate!

I now have:
Crate (36" - 24" - 27" I believe)
Food/Water bowls
2 puppy kongs (medium)
one puppy wubba kong
Large Plush heart
one Orbee-tuff small ball (may give that one to my ferrets, seems a bit small)
one Orbo medium planet
Air Kong stick
a few tennis balls
Nail clippers
Leash and collar for when he comes home (I want to get a harness and a better collar once I have him)
tooth brush and tooth paste

I also got a natural beef bone? I don't no if thats safe or not for him while he's a puppy. It looks like this one Here . Any ideas on it?

I think thats everything...

I still need to get brushes and a hair clipper, a name tag, harness (when I get him), training leash (one of those really long ones) and a bed once he's more house trained. Oh as well as food and some treats. I've decided on Acana Puppy and Junior for food.

If the beef bone isn't such a good idea, whats some chew type bones that are good for puppies. I know that raw hide isn't such a good idea, but whats some others that I could get?

*woot* The puppy is due to be born in 10 days!
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Wow, deja vu moment here. You sound like me! Felt like yesterday I was posting away and away on the forums, asking for supply/food/breeder/training method inputs. Actually, I still am asking questions all the time. But now, my puppy is born and only 4 more weeks before he comes home. Let us know when your pup is born and if you decide male or female... I am so excited for you!

I second the suggestion for a Nylabone, a much better and safer choice than rawhide bones. And the Good Cuz/Bad Cuz toys are great, and very hardy from what I hear. Also, training books help a lot! Fun to read, and very useful. Those "For Dummies" books are great. Do you have a vet, and are you planning on puppy classes? Have you "puppy proofed" the house?

How exciting!
I'll be getting a German shepherd :) Waiting on new pictures of him and his littermates from the breeder. I know just how exciting and LONG waiting for a new puppy is!

Oh - you forgot a very very important thing - a camera!! Take lots and LOTS of pictures, because those pups grow fast!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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