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I need your photos! Please help!

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I'm putting together a music video using the the song "Life's a Game" from the Dog Tracks - Songs by Dogs CD. But I need more photos of people and dogs having fun!

Please take a look at the video below. It's only about 20% complete but it will give you an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish.

Photos should be horizontal, 72 dpi or higher, and include you and your dog(s) having fun with training. Since the song is about positive reinforcement training I prefer action shots of agility, obedience, freestyle,etc...but there are plenty of "spots" for simple training like sit, stay, heel, etc. And plenty of other spots for just FUN!

One hint: Photos taken outdoors are much better than indoors. It's just a "lighting" thing.

Many thanks and please feel free to ask any questions, either here in the thread, by PM or email at [email protected]

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That is SO cute. My dogs don't do any cool stuff like that though, so no pics. Can't wait to see it finished!:D
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