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I need your advice.

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This might be unusual advice since I haven't even gotten my puppy yet, but please read on:

I've been home for several months of physical therapy due to long, ongoing health issues and am now on the mend. During that time though, my dog died over the holidays. She was a sweet, quiet dog, and always by my side.

I knew I would miss my girl, but I had no idea how much! I'm still thinking of her and feeling sad over it.

My parents suggested recently that I begin looking for a new dog, especially since I've been home. So after endless research, I decided to get a labradoodle and put my name on a waiting list. Suddenly though, everything changed. I got an amazing job offer on Tuesday but it's long hours--till 5, even though it's at home. I could move out within a year but there aren't many pet friendly (affordable) apartments. (I live in NJ...I've been thinking about moving out of state but that's not for awhile yet)

I don't know what I should do now. I really miss caring for a dog and I miss having one by my side. Half of me is saying to still go for it, the other half is saying to hold off. (I'm just so in love with this puppy, even though I haven't seen her in person yet) Everyone in my family has different opinions as well, some saying I could still do it, since I took such good care of my last dog.

What do you think?

I've been tearing up at just the idea of holding off on the dog, looking at my training books with a heavy heart.
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My opinion: the long hours aren't dealbreakers, but I'd be cautious about the prospect of moving. At least solidify your plans for moving (are you, or aren't you? And if you are, can you find a pet-friendly place?) before deciding on the dog.
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