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I need help

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Ok, let me bring you guys up to speed in regards to the situation, I will be as clear as possible, but if I wasn't let me know.

My fiancee and I just got a second dog, a 1-quarter beagle, 3-quarter English Bulldog. Our first is a pure-bred English Bulldog. Now my first dog, Yuna, took to the crate extremely well. When it came to night time we put her in there, she fell asleep right away, and only seemed to bug me and my fiancee when she needed to go outside.

I won't say she liked it in her crate (she still loved napping with us on the couch), but she understood that night-time = Im in my crate.

Now here we are 2 years later and in comes our new puppy-boy Atlas. He isn't taking to the crate particularly well and I have no clue why. He isn't scared of it or anything (we actually feed him in there to reinforce his bowl is his, Yuna's bowl is Yuna's).

Its just we put him in there at night, he falls asleep, but when he wakes up during the night (as I would assume all dogs do, Yuna did) he whines and barks until we let him out, this is multiple times a night too. Now, I asked a vet, and she told me that I should get up, take the dog outside without greeting it or initiating any type of play. Let it do its business, with all the reinforcement that entails, then take him right back inside and put him in the crate.

Here is where the problem comes into play... once he is up he won't go back to sleep in his crate. When I put him in, he whines and barks until I let him out, at which point he wants to fall asleep with me and I have to put him back in the crate. I akin it almost to a 5 year old that had a bad dream and wants to sleep in mom/dad's bed, the only difference is if mom/dad are asleep he bangs on the door until they wake up.

Sorry for the long winded post btw, if anyone has any help for me Id appreciate it.
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Get ear plugs. Do not ever let him out of the crate for noise. EVER. Every time you let him out when he makes noise, you reinforce letting him out when he makes noise. Put him on a potty Schedule at night. ONLY take him out on that schedule. I do not know how old he is, but a dog that is 16 weeks old only needs out one time in an 8 hour night (4 hours into it). Have an alarm clock, get up, take him out, put him back in and go back to bed. Do not let him BACK out if he makes noise.

Only let him out when he is quiet. EAR PLUGS.

When you let him out, do not do so until he sits and is calm (turn your back on him and hold the door shut; most dogs will sit eventually.).

Get the book "Crate Games" from www.dogwise.com (small and inexpensive book) to help make the crate "fun."

PS: How much exercise is he getting during the day? You need to tire him out. This dog is part BEAGLE.. so the Beagle part of him may demand a LOT of exercise. Hours.
Something that helped me when Cubby was a pup was to cover the sides of the crate with a blanket, so it would be darker and he couldn't see out from all sides. We left the door uncovered, but had it facing a darker area of the house (we have a few night lights on for the kids, in case they get up and walk around at night).

Elana posted a lot of really good points as well!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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