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My dog is sterilized, she is about 6years old (we took her recently from shelter).
We noticed excesive licing of her area and it looked like she is peeing.
We took her to vet ,and he said that it is incontinence and to put her on Propalin. They did test urine and everything is alright.

This happens after walk(no matter how long that walk was). She also pees a lot during walks (many times not so much urine, it' almost like she is just marking after first few times.). She never pees in her sleep, she never pees on the floor .She always licks it and it mostly happens after walks(not every walk but a lot of them). We tried to see how much of urine it is and its like size of teaspoon?

I don't know if i should give her propalin or leave it like it is for now. Because right know this isn't that big problem for us or her.
But i don't know what could happen if we don't give it to her.
Vet said it was safe but I'm always wondering about side effects. Does this syrup affects kidney?
I would appreciate if someone used propalin for long time to share their experience.
Should i start give it to her immediately or no?
What are your experience with urinary incontinence?
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