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Steven came out and picked up Kola in May...I beleive he said the eighth...He said she only had a couple feet of rope, and she was standing in a mud puddle. She couldn't reach her food, her water, or her dog house. My brother had her living outside, and instead of putting her collar on, my brother had tied her out with a choke chain. Now she hangs out with Marko, sleeps in the hatchery, and has even been allowed in the house. They'd be interested in owning her if she didn't shed so much, which is a bummer, I'm sure she'd be happier out there. She hasn't been on a leash in a long time, only when Steven is working on her heeling.

Just to give you a general idea, she's running around off leash on a duck farm. When she's called, she comes back. The labs don't even do that. Not that she's always off leash, only when she can be supervised, otherwise she's in the run, or in the crate.

Every time I go out there she comes running...She totally drops what she's doing to come and see me. I know the feeling, as I do the same thing.

Basically, I want my little, white, no good, stuck up, bratty, playful dog back! She can't come back though. Right now I don't have the energy to walk all three dogs...I barely have the energy to walk the two that are here, along with training and feeding them, and training Robert. :(

Heck, she can't even come home until Robert is one. My brother has no concern about Robert hurting her, but I do. She's 20lbs, Robert is 50lbs, Robert could kill her. I'm not going to take that risk.

I'm hoping I can see her again tomorrow.

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