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I know what she is thank you.

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Lately quite a few people have been arguing with me over what breed Mina is. They ask what she is and I tell them politely 'She's an aussie lab mix' and the reply is 'No she's a catahoula' First of all if you already 'know' what she is then why ask me? Second of all, I met Mom and she was definitely an aussie thank you. I can see where the confusion would be, but I swear I know what she is. She's just a self merle.

Does she really look that much like a catahoula? :rolleyes:
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I've seen aussies with floppy ears like that though...they call it hound ears, right? She looks to me like she's going to end up being smoother coated than a full aussie....anyway, I don't know why people like to argue breed like that, I get it all the time with my merle sheltie. I know for a fact that he's 100% sheltie, but people insist that he's an aussie mix to the point of trying to argue with me over it. They may be just trying to make conversation and haven't had alot of practice at it. ;)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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