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I know what she is thank you.

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Lately quite a few people have been arguing with me over what breed Mina is. They ask what she is and I tell them politely 'She's an aussie lab mix' and the reply is 'No she's a catahoula' First of all if you already 'know' what she is then why ask me? Second of all, I met Mom and she was definitely an aussie thank you. I can see where the confusion would be, but I swear I know what she is. She's just a self merle.

Does she really look that much like a catahoula? :rolleyes:
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:p People always like to venture their best guesses with Smalls. I don't mind, because quite frankly, who knows what she is. I know I get annoyed when people have their suggestions for Jack, even after we tell them he's a Norwegian Elkhound. I think my boyfriend died a little inside when someone insisted he must be an Akita mix. He's so proud of his Elkie. :)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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