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I know what she is thank you.

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Lately quite a few people have been arguing with me over what breed Mina is. They ask what she is and I tell them politely 'She's an aussie lab mix' and the reply is 'No she's a catahoula' First of all if you already 'know' what she is then why ask me? Second of all, I met Mom and she was definitely an aussie thank you. I can see where the confusion would be, but I swear I know what she is. She's just a self merle.

Does she really look that much like a catahoula? :rolleyes:
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Keechack - I wouldn't ilp her, just because I know she's a mix and technically I believe they're supposed to be purebred for that? And akc now allows mixes to compete in obedience and agility I believe? She actually holds her ears more up and back now, that picture was older. Just for reference this is how she's been holding her ears.

Sheltiemom- I'm pretty sure she's going to have a smoother coat, although she's starting to grow some long hairs here and there. :p

I suppose it's just annoying that people seem to assume they know more about my dog than I do? The part that gets me is that there are very very few catahoulas around here.
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I have never seen an aussie with "Natural" hound ears. All of the hound ears I've seen have been on show dogs who've had their ears taped down from a young age. So yes there are aussies out there with hound ears but 98% of then are caused by the owner taping the dogs ears. Prick ears are very common as are button and rose ears.
Why do they tape their ears down? Just asking, I thought hound ears are a serious fault.
CP - Her muzzle is narrower than a catahoulas, her coat isn't right for one, and she's also not big enough to be a cat. I could go on really, but it's pointless. The fact is the only reason people argue with me is her color. If she would have white and the tan points it wouldn't be an issue. I just find it disrespectful for people to try and prove me wrong about my own dog. If you mistake her for a cat fine, but when I tell you what she is don't assume you know more than I do about MY DOG.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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