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I just had to share this moment of my 2 boys!

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I went downstairs to shut off the tv about 11:00 last night and found my 2 boys cuddled as cute as could be. I went and got the camera quickly and these are the special shots i got!!!

one end of the couch

the other end of the couch

And........ the whole couch

just had to share!

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Adorable jcd! Usually when i find cute moments like this, they've moved by the time i run to get my camera LOL
you are very correct DM and i even said to myself," by the time i get back down here he will have moved" but i got lucky this time!:D
Cute pics! My pup sleeps at my feet to..lol
thank you jessieanne. i guess we all have spoiled cuddly puppies ha!:eek:

Adorable!!!!! Glad you were able to capture that scene... thanks for sharing. :D
thanks renoman. you know how rare moments like this are! i am glad to get these pics also. someday he will look upon them and smile!:rolleyes:
Your son is gonna kill you for sharing those pics!!!:D

But, they sure are cute.
thanks leroymydog. he has just found out!:eek: he giggled so i guess we are o.k now! anything woth bello is o.k. in his eyes. they are very tight!

Awww! Adorable moments! So glad you were able to capture them on film!
thanks djsmom. glad you enjoyed them. i am sure all df people can relate to these!!!!!:p
Aww, there is nothing better than a kid and his dog. You all have found a great companion there jcd. :)
thanks MM. he really is a loveable dog!!!

I'm trying to figure out who got the best end of the deal here....Both look mighty comfortable, though so I guess it's a draw! Very sweet pics.
thanks winniec777. they both are spoiled rotten!!!! i got the worst end of the deal!:rolleyes: the floor! hehehehe

That is so sweet. I understand Angelo not getting up but I am surprised Bello didn't at least lift his head. Must have been very very comfy. ;)
well i'll tell ya Inga bello has become such a lap dog that when it is 10 or 11 p.m. and he is settled in for the night, forget it!!! he doesn't move for noone unless the doorbell rings. he pushes my wife right out of the damned bed!:p
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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