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I just gotta get rid of all this crap. Any thoughts?

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I've embarked on the task of cleaning up our back yard with 4 months worth of winter poop sitting in it. Lovely how she wants dogs yet does nothing to clean up after them. End rant.

Anyway, I shoveled for about 30 mins and was barely made a dent. The ground is soft and the crap is stuck to it mostly, so is there any magical dissolving potion one uses to decompose dog poop?
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Where we live you can't leave the poop in the yard for more than a week (city bylaw) so we pick up every day - means less mines for the mower!! As for picking up in Winter - I find it much easier to pick up from the snow than the grass.
How does the city know if you've waited over a week to clean up? Just curious.
I've often wondered about that too - guess they are relying on your neighbours to report you...
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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