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I just gotta get rid of all this crap. Any thoughts?

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I've embarked on the task of cleaning up our back yard with 4 months worth of winter poop sitting in it. Lovely how she wants dogs yet does nothing to clean up after them. End rant.

Anyway, I shoveled for about 30 mins and was barely made a dent. The ground is soft and the crap is stuck to it mostly, so is there any magical dissolving potion one uses to decompose dog poop?
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It's... July. And you still have winter poop to pick up? :confused:
Yea our city has an ordinance that states you can have no more than six piles of dog feces in your yard at any one time. Nobody's cruising neighborhoods counting poop piles, it's just there so if anyone makes a complaint about your stinky yard officials actually have a legal basis to make you clean it up.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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