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I just came home after picking up Snowball from the vet. I had a bit of a scare.When I went in to pick her up,one of the ladies said that they had just taken her out to the car!:eek: I said that i was the only one picking her up.Luckily,it was a mix up,I guess the lady didn't want a projected 100 lb lap dog instead of whatever she had.All the women at the vet's office like Snowball,they say how sweet and easy going she is.The vet told me that she will be close to 100 lbs when fully grown,if not bigger.(groan!) All in all,she is a sweet dog,full of love.She was really happy to see me,as I led her out to the car,she jumped in! A first for her,because I usally have to lift her in. I'm glad she's home and fixed. Hopefully,there will be no more doggie visits from neighboring males!:D
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