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I have this crazy notion... but how do i get started... & should i even try?

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hey all, you know i love dogs, they are like my obsesssion, i will watch any movie with a dog even if its not about the dog, will watch any commercial etc... they have been my passion since i was about 7 yrs old & i have been interested in training since then, reading all that i can & learning all that i can. while we stockpile money for a career leap, OH was thinking of offering horse lessons & helping ppl with their horses, & i got the idea why can i do the same with dogs?

the problem is I am not 'certified' offically tho i have what i would concider quite a bit of experience (tho i am always learning & willing to soak up knowledge) would i have a shot at charging for my services to ppl who are having probs with their dogs? just a thought (note this thread isnt a solicitation, just looking for advice on how to get started).
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One of the best dog trainers in town has a story a lot like yours. She adopted a severely abused dog 20 years ago and couldn't find anyone in the area not using choke chains, prong collars and dominance theory training techniques, which her dog just couldn't handle. So she set about learning a new way to train and began offering her services to others. Now she's the recognized expert of the area in problem dogs and gets amazing results with positive methods.

She dipped her toes into the waters by training at PetSmart. (They pretty much let you train any way you want as long as it's positive.) Once she had a client base and was known in the local dog community, she set out on her own. Her personal dogs have CGCs and TDs, but she doesn't train for competition, she deals solely in behavioral problems, so she doesn't have any agility, schutzhund, etc. titles. I guess it depends on your focus. If you want to train people in agility, you should get agility titles with your own dogs, but if you're dealing solely with behavioral issues, I don't think it's necessary.

Good luck! (If a certain opportunity comes through for my husband, I may try to become a trainer myself, as well. So I'm really rooting for you.)
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