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I have this crazy notion... but how do i get started... & should i even try?

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hey all, you know i love dogs, they are like my obsesssion, i will watch any movie with a dog even if its not about the dog, will watch any commercial etc... they have been my passion since i was about 7 yrs old & i have been interested in training since then, reading all that i can & learning all that i can. while we stockpile money for a career leap, OH was thinking of offering horse lessons & helping ppl with their horses, & i got the idea why can i do the same with dogs?

the problem is I am not 'certified' offically tho i have what i would concider quite a bit of experience (tho i am always learning & willing to soak up knowledge) would i have a shot at charging for my services to ppl who are having probs with their dogs? just a thought (note this thread isnt a solicitation, just looking for advice on how to get started).
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"Should I even try?" is a question only you can answer.

At the very least you probably should get some significant, practical, "hands-on" experience working with other dogs and their owners first, from somewhere. Petsmart trainer etc could be one option. Another way might be to volunteer at a local club to assist with their public classes.

IMO it's best to have something to "hang on the wall", as well. ie: diploma(s), trainer certification(s), memberships for organizations, titles & ribbons, related personal achievements, perhaps even a framed picture of you shaking hands with Pavlov or Darwin lol, whatever ....

Actually, walls are nice to have, too.

If you decide to go for it, I hope it works out for you.
Best wishes.
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