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I have this crazy notion... but how do i get started... & should i even try?

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hey all, you know i love dogs, they are like my obsesssion, i will watch any movie with a dog even if its not about the dog, will watch any commercial etc... they have been my passion since i was about 7 yrs old & i have been interested in training since then, reading all that i can & learning all that i can. while we stockpile money for a career leap, OH was thinking of offering horse lessons & helping ppl with their horses, & i got the idea why can i do the same with dogs?

the problem is I am not 'certified' offically tho i have what i would concider quite a bit of experience (tho i am always learning & willing to soak up knowledge) would i have a shot at charging for my services to ppl who are having probs with their dogs? just a thought (note this thread isnt a solicitation, just looking for advice on how to get started).
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What objective dog training goals have you accomplished? CGCs, obedience titles, therapy dog work, agility titles?

If it was me, I would go out and get some titles. That way, when people ask what you have done, you have a really clear answer. I think, also, that training a dog until it holds up under competition has real value. Maybe also consider teaching some community ed classes, assuming that you are able to teach CGC type exercises.

The best path possible would be apprenticing under someone with experience, but it's hard to find trainers willing to invest if you aren't competing and training a lot.
Another idea is to try to work with dogs from all of the groups. Ideally, fostering some. Hounds, terriers, non-sporting dogs, and toys feel very different than sporting, working, and herding dogs. Obviously, the breeds within the groups vary dramatically, as do indiviual dogs. Getting your hands on as many dogs from diverse backgrounds as possible can only help build your skillset.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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