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I have an Akita who has a problem with his tail

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Hello everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me out here. I had given my Akita a bath outside the other day and it was cold water. The temp. outside was 85 degrees and since he has two layers of fur I figured he would of enjoyed the cold bath. His tail is usually curled up and laying on his back.

He looks like he is limping, and his tail lays straight down does not curl up. I went to go to his back hind legs he will let me touch them, however when I go to move his tail he whimpers. Plus I have the Akita who likes to talk, he howls and grunts when I see him. This is how we communicate. Well when I give the command to sit he sits down very gingerly and then off to the side like something is hurting him.

I called our vet he cannot get in until next thursday 6/25. So googled "can a dog brakes it tail?" So the answer came back stating if your dog has been in cold water swimming or just in cold water. Can cause the tail to go limp for three days to a week.

I was wondering if anyone has ever had this type of problem? What did you do about it?

I feel so bad now that I caused this to my dog. I told my husband from now on we will pay the $40.00 to have both of our dogs washed. A place in our home town that we can use called "Paw Wash" You can do it yourself. Has big tubs you do not have to bend over, they give you the towels, soap, yet we do bring our own because they do water down the soap. My Akita is huge, 26 inches tall, 37 inches long and weighs about 110 or more.

If anyone can give me some insight to this that would be great.

Thank you,
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