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I have a 5-month old beagle puppy. We had him since he was 1-month old. I haven't been training him much, I want to start training him actively since I can't make him listen to me. He guards his food and he becomes aggressive when we come too close. I am afraid he will grow up to be a bad dog so I want to actively train my dog now. I work in the night shift and I don't know what to do.

I don't know where to start. What to teach first and what to teach next. I've been watching multiple training guides on youtube but I feel I am not getting the information I need. I am currently looking for a trainer but I want to train my pup myself. He poops and pees in his crate as well. I really don't know where to start at this point. Please direct me to any forum link or thread that might help me please.
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We have always had dogs and raised the last three from new puppies to the end of their natural lives. We had one Beagle that we inherited as a young dog from a son who was transferred by the Navy and couldn’t take him. Beagles present unique training opportunities and this one had a rough start with us but became the sweetest friend and companion. All of our adult children have beagles and their stories are similar. Left to their own devices beagles will eat themselves to death.
Our Golden Doodle failed puppy kindergarten and he was never trained so that he was totally without his strong personality. He lived for 16 years and I will always consider him my best friend.
We have lost our minds and just brought home two 8 week old Labradoodles from different breeders (one each sex) and now 15 weeks. If you are of sound mind. DO NOT DO THIS.
All you have learned from your research about puppy training goes right out the window.
Just stay calm, speak softly, spend a lot of time together, be consistent and puppy-proof as much as possible. Take training slowly and methodically. We have had good luck with all natural chew sticks from Chewy’s.
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