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I have a 5-month old beagle puppy. We had him since he was 1-month old. I haven't been training him much, I want to start training him actively since I can't make him listen to me. He guards his food and he becomes aggressive when we come too close. I am afraid he will grow up to be a bad dog so I want to actively train my dog now. I work in the night shift and I don't know what to do.

I don't know where to start. What to teach first and what to teach next. I've been watching multiple training guides on youtube but I feel I am not getting the information I need. I am currently looking for a trainer but I want to train my pup myself. He poops and pees in his crate as well. I really don't know where to start at this point. Please direct me to any forum link or thread that might help me please.
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I'm not the person to help you with all the issues like resource guarding, but as for where to start with training, this really helped me to get my pup to be patient and listen to me. Training further commands were made much easier once my pup knew some self control.

It's yer choice
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What. . . . What the heck have I just watched? :oops:

Advice is sound . . . But . . . Dancing skeletons?
Lol that made me watch for the skeletons! 🤘
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