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I have a 5-month old beagle puppy. We had him since he was 1-month old. I haven't been training him much, I want to start training him actively since I can't make him listen to me. He guards his food and he becomes aggressive when we come too close. I am afraid he will grow up to be a bad dog so I want to actively train my dog now. I work in the night shift and I don't know what to do.

I don't know where to start. What to teach first and what to teach next. I've been watching multiple training guides on youtube but I feel I am not getting the information I need. I am currently looking for a trainer but I want to train my pup myself. He poops and pees in his crate as well. I really don't know where to start at this point. Please direct me to any forum link or thread that might help me please.
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I also highly recommend staying away from Cesar Milan’s methods.
Was the puppy really only one month old when you got him? That’s Way to young to be away from Mom & siblings. He missed many social & behavioral lessons if that’s the case.
Please hire a trainer who only uses positive reinforcement methods ASAP or you are probably going to end up with many more issues on your hands and probably a “bad dog” as you labeled him. Resource guarding is not something you are going to solve by watching some videos or getting message board answers. (I’ve been a trainer for 15 years).
In the meantime, no meals should be fed in a bowl. As long as you are comfortable handing him food, you should be hand feeding, so you control the food, he has nothing to guard and your presence means he gets yummy food (not him afraid you’ll take his bowl away). Measure out his portion and put a few kibbles in your palm at a time for him to eat. Repeat until gone. In between hand feeding, you can also buy a treat ball that he can eat out of. Put food in it and he has to roll it around to get food out of it.
Where did he come from? Did they let him pee/poop in a cage or was he living in a cage?
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My husband and I just got a 2 year old rescue who is food aggressive. We're currently trying this method.

Food Aggression And What To Do About It | Cesar's Way
Please be very careful with Cesar Milan’s methods. There are so many things wrong with his methods. He does not have any formal education and thinks domestic dogs should be treated like wolves. His show is very deceiving and many dogs develop lots more issues because of his methods.
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