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Pick a dog food that your dog does well on and that you can afford. I went with a food where the first ingredient was meat meal and had higher protein level (I have a high energy mixed breed that will run until he bleeds just because he can. We live on acreage and do agility), fed a few bags, and if I wasn't completely happy with it I tried out something different.

I settled on a brand that the dog is excited to get (it's kind of stinky...), where his body condition is consistently good with a shiny coat, bright eyes, etc., and his stools are consistently on the smaller side and good. Although it isn't the cheapest dog kibble out there, it amounts to about $8 per week to feed the dog.

I found it helpful to go on a website like Chewy.com (even if you don't want to buy there) and weed out dog foods by selecting filters for price, protein type, dry vs. wet, brand, etc. This usually narrowed it down to around 60 some products that I could go through, even less if you select more filters.

Like others have said, as long as your pup doesn't have explosive diarrhea or is allergic to or absolutely hates her current food, there is no reason to be in a rush to change it. Take your time.
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