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I bet you never heard of this before!

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OK, i am at wits end with my 1.5 year old female Shorkie. She came to me at the age of 6 mths, and i was driving long haul and she lived in the truck with me. She has always been a hyper dog, and a somewhat disobedient. She has always had issues with going pee and poo in the house. I can let her out, and she can do her "biz" and not long after i let her in she will piss somewhere else. I just had her spayed 3 weeks ago and she had a thorough check up and was perfect in all aspects. She pees on my bed sometimes, she pees on the floors, and today was the most amazing! She got up on the kitchen table, licked the table clean and PEED ON THE TABLE. I just found it and cleaned it up! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

We moved into this new house (brand new) about a month ago. She is comfortable in it. Also i bought her a shock collar for her excessive barking in the evenings and have "zapped" her MAYBE 6 times for her barking. That is the only changes. I strongly doubt she has a bladder infection or a weak bladder. I have reason to believe she is just doing it out of spite. The past couple weeks she has been getting up on the chair or table and getting yelled at. But not slapped. And never zapped for it yet. I have never had such a difficult dog to train in my life!

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Try a walk 30-45 minutes every single day at a steady pace. Excessive barking usually comes from pent up energy. I'm sure many of the other problems will go away once she gets out all that energy. She'll also be more obedient since she has gotten rid of her frustrations.
You have to get rid of your frustrations as well. Working with your dog calmly is the only way for her to want to listen to you. Dogs are experts at reading energy, so if you aren't calm but are trying to act calm, they'll know. Who wants to listen to someone that is yelling and zapping them with a shock collar all the time? Would you? You listen to someone who calmly tells you to do something.
Dogs don't do things out of spite, they aren't capable of that, so that's out the window.
As for energy, she is a hyper dog, and i am unfortunately not. I am thinking of getting a cheap treadmill for her to run on each day. I am sure this will help.
So you will spend money on a treadmill when the solution to her hyperactivity is a 30-45 minute walk a day for free? I'm afraid I don't see the logic in this. If you can't spend 30-45 minutes with a dog, why do you even have a dog?

As for the "Four on the floor" i am use to letting her sleep with me, and get on the couch, and other stuff. I just need to catch her going where i do NOT want her to go. All my dogs growing up knew it was ok on the couch and lazy boy but the table was a no-no.
Catching her in the act when she is hyperactive does nothing, she will do it again and again and again because it gets you to give her attention, even if it's negative attention, you'd be surprised what a dog will deal with for attention. There was this dog I once knew that the owners would literally hit it hard, with newspapers, shoes, wooden boards, you name it, and the dog would continue the behavior all because it wanted some attention. When I told them to take it for a walk, all of a sudden she wasn't jumping on people, nipping people's ankles, and digging in the backyard. And when they kept walking it, the dog continued to not do the bad behavior. You've got a different dog than you did growing up, and this dog has different needs.

i just think she gets angry and does it out of spite. I really do. I just might have to go back to potty training 101. I usually just tie her out, let her do her business and let her in.
Come to terms with the fact that you are not fulfilling your dogs needs(aka physical and mental stimulation) and these silly ideas of your dog doing things out of spite will go away. Accept that you are at fault, not the dog.
Setting up a schedule for using the potty will prevent accidents and eventually the dog will learn to use the restroom wherever you have wanted it to go on it's own, and you won't need the schedule anymore.
Exercise, discipline and affection in that order. You fulfill the dogs needs with exercise, you do training(discipline) after the mind has gotten rid of excess stimulation, and when the dog does what you want you give all that affection and love.
I hope this helps.
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