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I did read that Poms are houdinis in getting out of yard.

I posted the other day about having to put a collar and tag on my Pom puppy because she got out of the yard twice. The first collar she got caught in her mouth. Got a different one yesterday and that one seems all right. Then today I heard her yipping and my other dog barking and I think a dog in the distance was barking. I hurried to where she was and sure enough she was trying to get out of the yard where she had gotten out the other day and my husband put dirt there. Well that was worthless. She dug out and while she was digging out, she got her collar caught on the bottom of the chain link fence and was yipping. My other dog had gone over to where she was and I got her free and told her NO. Put a big brick there and she hasn't been over there for the last hour she was outside. We can't leave her alone much - that is sure. I like to think that my other dog was trying to help her sister.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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