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I am worried about my family dog

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We have a 8 year old chihuahua who’s on the obese side. She’s on a normal diet and was fine up until this morning. My mom will take her to the vet tomorrow but we are worried. This morning she’s been lethargic, doesn’t have an appetite, seems to be in pain and yelps if picked up the wrong way. She couldn’t continue her 2nd walk today, I’m worried something terrible is going on. The only concern aside from her weight is her oral hygiene. She has always had bad breath and my mom said that may be an issue too. Her boyfriend said there was blood in her stool. Any feedback?
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Glad the dog is going to the vet. It would be better is she could be see today, rather than tomorrow, though. Part of the exam should be a complete blood panel, since obesity can be the cause of, or the result of, metabolic issues.
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