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I am so proud of Roxxy!

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I have lamented many times on this forum about Roxxy's fear of thunder. It is all encompassing for her and at times irritating for me (like 2 a.m.!). Today it thundered constantly for 8 hrs. I gave her a small dose of her doggie downers (didn't even make her sleepy) and she was great all day. She followed me everywhere I went (yes, including the bathroom) but she didn't try to crawl in me or on me. I don't know that she ever went to sleep but she wasn't panting, drooling, shaking and being generally terrified. She laid at my feet on the bed.

Roxxy at noon...notice the ears. They were rarely down.

Roxxy at 7 p.m. She is a pooped little puppy!
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Great to hear, yeah the weather sucked a big one today in Houston.
The rain was so badly needed; it was the thunder I could have done without! All friggin day...I felt so bad for Roxxy...even Butch was a little shaky at times. Now it can be hot and muggy. :(
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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