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I am going to like water - I think

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We brought out the little pool and put a little water in it and then the next day let the water be even higher. Cuddles loved it. She was hesitant at first but then would go in and out of the pool to get the toys and then run and then go back for more. Sometimes even taking a drink out of it. Her older sister could care less about it.

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LOL Each dog is different in their likes and dislikes. My boy Carsten loves the pool. He can't get enough of it. Oliver walks in and jumps out. He will drink out of the pool though. On particularly hot days Carsten lays down in the pool and drinks like it is going out of style. I love providing them with a pool. I am not real excited when they come in the house soaking wet and then try to shake off in the living room. lol
Last year we put Snuggles (the older one) on a raft in the pool and just pulled her around. When we put her in the water, she swam but it was kind of a panicky swim.
So cute!

Watch out... or you might end up with this:

Believe it or not, he's not drinking, he's splashing around playing.
We created a monster last summer by letting him in the pool with us.
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hAHA That is funny. She better leave the toilet alone.
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