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I’m looking for advice on a rescue for my neighbors dogs

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My neighbor can no longer take care of his Tibetan Mastiff/ Belgian Malinois dogs. The mother and father are 5 years old and need obedience training especially with the father as he is a very alpha male right now. So a rescue that can take the time to train and socialize him is needed. The mother has settled down quite a bit but would still need training. He has three puppies that will be 7 months next week. The parents are 65-75 lbs. He needs them gone ASAP. The father right now doesn’t do good with other dogs especially small dogs as they will be hurt per experience with his other dogs.
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Good luck.
Most rescues willing to take on such dogs tend to be local to the situation. If there are none,see if you have an animal control officer in the area and ask their advice.

Most rescues cannot take animals "ASAP" unless it is a bonafide cruelty case. Then they step in with law enforcement.
Also talk to any town or county shelters in your area. They often work with rescue groups and may be able to give you contact information. Even if a rescue can't take the animals they may be able to help you with referrals. Good luck.
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