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I’m at a loss of words… need help

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I’m at a loss of words… recently we had rescued a pup. We already have a German shepherd lab mix. She is the sweetest puppy. But she is very energetic. We have had her in training classes. But when we brought brought home are rescue l, I have never saw a side of this dog than I did this day. Here teeth were showing, growling violently, trying at all means to get to this dog. She bite my fiancé just trying to get to the rescue pup. My mom currently has the rescue dog for his safety ( I couldn’t imagine if something happened to him ☹ he is such a sweet dog, he just literally sat there during these interactions.) but my pup, I just don’t know what else to do. We socialized her and had training. She will be 1 yr old next month. Any advice would help? She isn’t a mean dog and I hate seeing her like this.
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Is your dog typically okay around other dogs? If not, it may be that she simply doesn't like other dogs. Also note she is turning a year old, an age where sometimes the puppy personality (tolerant of strangers, strange dogs) is replaced by their adult personality. This is something that is determined by genetics and often has little to nothing to do with previous training.

Your dog may be best as the only dog in the household. Sometimes they can be trained to tolerate other dogs, but then you always have the risk of a fight breaking out, or get stuck with the "crate and rotate" method, which is not very fun. If your dog doesn't like other dogs, there really isn't a guarantee she'll ever like any new dog members of the family.
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what is your home set up , training plan to get your new pup and current pup on the right track for learning? Mine is controled spaces and rotation. Everyone is safe ,put on a daily routine to learn skills to work with me, learn that they safe and only make good choices and not make mistakes. Safe areas, crates, daily routines, rotations. It's where I always start,, because you can control your environment and give the two pups time to adjust in a positive safe learning experience.
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