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My 6 year old female Samoyed was lethargic, exhibiting sore joints (slow to get up), weight gain and thinning of hair on her tail. We did tons of blood work including testing for lyme, addisons and cushions. Her full panel for Thyroid came back as borderline (.9 T4 with most of the other readings being borderline as well). We decided to do a trial treatment for Hypothyroid. In ~45 days, her activity levels, attentiveness, weight and patience have greatly improved and the hair on her tail is growing back very quickly. Her T4 level is now 2.8

A few days into the thyroid treatment, she developed a limp (front right leg) out of the blue where she would limp after rising to her feet after a nap. After a few steps, the limp would disappear. X-Rays are clean. I have heard that limping is a symptom of hypothyroidism.

It has now been almost 45 days of treatment but the limp is still there (on and off). We have rested her for about 3 weeks except for stairs in and out of the apartment. I try to carry her as much as I can.

It still might be some kind of sprain (or something worse), but has anyone experienced limping with hypothyroidism? If so, how long into treatment did i take for it to subside.

Could the levothyroxine cause limping? It is listed as a side effect in humans https://www.goodrx.com/levothyroxine/side-effects
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