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Puppies are just high energy. That's what they do. They often get what is called the "zoomies" when they go completely butt tucked running crazy for a short period of time.

Things I usually do to help keep puppies occupied:
- Stuffed frozen kong with yogurt, peanut butter or canned dog food
- Feed meals in puzzle toys like a Bob a lot or Kong Wobbler type of thing
- Short training sessions of basic manners and sometimes little tricks just to tire them out.. also can use meals
- Visit to a puppy safe place (not high traffic with dogs because of risk of parvo)
- Puppy class, to help give me a goal on manners to work on and a night of tired puppy

Once you know puppy has had stuff to do and -still- doesn't chill out.. they might be overtired. Some puppies need to be put in the crate to settle, or taught to settle in the crate. Crate time is a good time to give those stuffed kongs or chews.
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