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Hyper puppy that won't play outside

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We have a 7 month old boxer/pit bull mix named Apollo. When we first got him 2 months ago, he would play outside with our 5 year old dog, Lucy and run around but that only lasted about 2 weeks. Apollo is extremely hyper in the house, running and jumping on people, once he goes outside, he is completely calm. If I say "Go" my older dog runs laps around the yard. Apollo will either go to the bathroom right away and then go straight for the door or lay down in the yard and watch Lucy run.

His trainer said to take him outside and tire him out before training him but he doesn't want to do anything outside. Lucy has an obstacle course for indoors and outside but Apollo won't use either one of them, when he is inside and we are using the obstacle course, it only keeps his attention for a minute, sometimes two. He is easily distracted and will run in the other direction, and sometimes even charge after Lucy or one of the cats.

Apollo just got neutered four days ago so he spends most of his time in his crate to keep him from jumping, but any tips on how to get him to be more calm in the house and more active outside once he is healed would be great! I try to get him to walk around more outside because he is in the crate so much, but he doesn't want any of it. If he is outside for longer than 5 minutes, he will start barking, crying, and pulling on the leash to get back to the house.
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