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Here is Lady, a beautiful mix of husky and Karelian (Finnish) bear dog mix. Some people think this hybrid is not real, or not a good house pet. We had Lady for over 10 years until her unexpected death last March. She was a lovely dog, very gentle and affectionate. She loved to run around in our back yard and bark at the dogs on the path. She got along beautifully with our two kittens, once she understood they are protected. She was so smart and understood everything that was going on in the house. On the downside, she was very shy with strangers and either fearful or aggressive towards other dogs (until she got to know them). We also had a big Malamute for several years and they were great buddies. Lady loved to play with him and tease him when he got too old to run. If someone rang our doorbell, she would raise the alarm, but otherwise she was very quiet at home. She was not a good guard dog because she would circle around behind us when encountering a stranger, as if she wanted our protection. Lady was so sweet and easy going at home, and she would do anything for a treat. This hybrid is very hard to find, but I would love to find another one someday. RIP lovely Lady.


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