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husky dachshund mix?????

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This is the situation, a co-worker of my husband has a litter of puppies that are part Alaskan Husky and Part Standard Dachshund. He tells my husband he will probably just shoot the puppies, my husband didn't like that and knew I wouldn't either so he told him that we would take one and should try to find homes for the others. We aren't in a situation to take on but one of the puppies and I have no idea what this dog would look like, now I have researched to the best of my abilities both breeds and seems like it would be a smart, easy going, yet protective dog. Would anybody possible have a picture of maybe one or one that might resemble this dog?? And yes I know that this man was very irresponsible in letting this litter happen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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They are alaskan husky. I haven't gotten to see either of the parents to see what the husky is already bred with. Male is black with white chest dachshund and female is gray and white husky. I just want to know kinda what I am getting. And thanks for the replies so far!!
I planned on posting an announcement around thru my facebook friends and my other groups from around home here until the pups are ready to go to try and get all of them saved but I can only do so much. It bothers me to no end to think I may not save an animal if I could. And I will definitely post pics once I get to them.... thanks everyone
No I wont be takingbin the mother and pups unfortunately, she is pretty important to him, one of those accidental litters that happens when they are not spayed or neutured. I honestly don't think he will neglect them just because he planned on shooting them. I think it was big talk to get somebody to take them so he wouldn't have to shoot them kind of thing. But either way I want to do what I can to help these defenceless babies. He might spay her I don't know but that's his business
He has already neutered the dad, and he may be planning to spay her I don't know and I will suggest it but I just won't push it. I have some in folks in mind that might be able to take a pup, then I am going to post around the area for the puppies so that they won't be harmed, trust me I will be doing what I possibly can for these little guys. But still is there anything else that anybody can tell me about these two breeds I might need to know.
Well I definitely won't be putting them through sled training around here, no snow until December then goes away. Would be hard to do. I will definitely post pictures once I have some. Thanks everybody for your input!
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