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husky dachshund mix?????

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This is the situation, a co-worker of my husband has a litter of puppies that are part Alaskan Husky and Part Standard Dachshund. He tells my husband he will probably just shoot the puppies, my husband didn't like that and knew I wouldn't either so he told him that we would take one and should try to find homes for the others. We aren't in a situation to take on but one of the puppies and I have no idea what this dog would look like, now I have researched to the best of my abilities both breeds and seems like it would be a smart, easy going, yet protective dog. Would anybody possible have a picture of maybe one or one that might resemble this dog?? And yes I know that this man was very irresponsible in letting this litter happen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Well, since it is an Alaskan, you're getting a mutt with another breed tossed into the mix. Likely there isn't too much calling what the pups will be like without knowing much behind the Alaskan itself, but a Dachshund and an Alaskan sounds like a nightmare to me.. like mixing my Shambles with my Jonas. I shudder to think.
All the puppies are probably not purely 50% Husky x 50% Doxie... genetics aren't quite that clean. Young pups look very similar, but as they get a little older, they may favor the mother or father a bit more:
Speculative genetics:
1. Mostly Dox
2. Mostly Husky
3. 70/30 Husky/Dox
4. 30/70 Husky/Dox
5. 50/50
The female is an Alaskan, though, so it further won't really work that way. We're pretty sure the Pumpkin Pie litter came from two Alaskans, but look at how they all turned out. Who knows what will kick up especially with a Dachshund in the mix but I'd love to see pictures.
I do have a dream of having an all Dachshund sled team with Smalls fronting it.. This could be my dream in the making.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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