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husky dachshund mix?????

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This is the situation, a co-worker of my husband has a litter of puppies that are part Alaskan Husky and Part Standard Dachshund. He tells my husband he will probably just shoot the puppies, my husband didn't like that and knew I wouldn't either so he told him that we would take one and should try to find homes for the others. We aren't in a situation to take on but one of the puppies and I have no idea what this dog would look like, now I have researched to the best of my abilities both breeds and seems like it would be a smart, easy going, yet protective dog. Would anybody possible have a picture of maybe one or one that might resemble this dog?? And yes I know that this man was very irresponsible in letting this litter happen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Be sure to get all of the puppies out of there. . .I hate when someone saves only one out of a litter being killed. At least get them to a shelter where they'll have a chance, if you can't find homes for them yourself. And take up a collection to (at least) get the mom dog spayed so he won't be shooting any more puppies. This happens so often :(.
Encourage him to spay her. . .it's not just his business if he's going to kill the pups through his own irresponsibility. Other people are having to take care of his problems so now it's not just his business anymore. Even if he was just talking big, once someone starts talking death/cruelty it becomes everyone else's business.

And, please, take the pups to a shelter. I don't expect you to find homes for all of them but please at least get them out of there!
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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