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Husky and a person with allergies (just visiting)

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Greetings, first thread + a question here.
My stepbrother is going to visit us this year. The problem is that he's allergic to dogs, I mean he could spend a day with any dog without itching and breathing issues, but this time he's going to stay for a while (about four days) at our house as a guest. He knows that we have a husky and already got his antihistamines from the doc.
What would you recommend? We are keeping our house pretty clean (with Roomba - working almost regularly - and Dyson - vacuuming twice a week), and I'm planning to store my rugs in a garage until stepbrother leaves, still I would like to make his visit as painless as it could be. A piece of advice? Anyone with allergic family members on this forum who was in a similar situation? What else should I consider?
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