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Husky and a person with allergies (just visiting)

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Greetings, first thread + a question here.
My stepbrother is going to visit us this year. The problem is that he's allergic to dogs, I mean he could spend a day with any dog without itching and breathing issues, but this time he's going to stay for a while (about four days) at our house as a guest. He knows that we have a husky and already got his antihistamines from the doc.
What would you recommend? We are keeping our house pretty clean (with Roomba - working almost regularly - and Dyson - vacuuming twice a week), and I'm planning to store my rugs in a garage until stepbrother leaves, still I would like to make his visit as painless as it could be. A piece of advice? Anyone with allergic family members on this forum who was in a similar situation? What else should I consider?
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Everything that Shell said is great advice. Definitely have the dog groomed and bathed before your brother's visit! That often helps people with allergies.

Not sure about the humidifier, but I sometimes run a diffuser with essential oils like Chamomile, Lavender, Niaouli, or Fir Needle to help with some of the symptoms of allergies. It isn't a cure all, but it helps.
A humidifier can keep the nasal passages and lungs less irritated from dry air but won't actually stop allergic reaction from occuring. It may help lessen symptoms though. Probably only worth trying during cold weather when the heat is running a lot or if you live in a desert climate and he does not.

Definitely do NOT use any essential oils unless your brother says they help him. You don't want to add another potential allergen to the air. Fir/pine for example is a common environmental allergy (and a good reason never to burn evergreen branches in your campfire)
Lol, yeah, don't run essential oils if he is allergic to those! I am speaking from personal experience with different, occasional mild environmental allergies, which the essential oils help combat the congestion and other symptoms.

You can, however, use the diffuser without the oils (clean if with vinegar if you have run oils before) as a little humidifier in his guest room. It is much quieter than the big humidifier units, and you can buy them for $20-$30. They're easier to store, too, if you don't need it all the time.
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