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Husky/Akita shedding

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so I have a akita/husky/shep. mix on a trial/foster weeked until monday and he does shed (obv) and is starting to blow his coat. For all of you husky owners, what do you suggest doing :)
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Our routine:

Bath, brush, brush, brush.
We have an undercoat rake and a curry comb. We use the curry while we bath and while she dries, when she is almost dry we switch over to the undercoat rake. We also vacuum the dog with the brush attachment.
Buy a good vacuum - doesn't how much you brush - hair will be everywhere.
Work up a collection of lint rollers - one for each vehicle, one for by the front door, one for the office, one for each bag you regularly carry, and anywhere you are on a usual basis.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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