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Huskador tearing everything up!

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One of my roommates has an 18 month old female huskador. She's been tearing/chewing up stuff for the last several months and it is becoming a huge problem as it's amounting to hundreds of dollars worth of items. He feeds her once a day about 2 or 3 cups. He only takes her on walks maybe once every two weeks. I thought she needed to get out energy, but one time she tore the couch stuffing out right after we got home from a 20 minute walk. Help!!
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I'll be blunt like a 16 lb sledgehammer.

The roommate with the dog, should not have a dog.
The roommate with the cat is doing ok, but needs to open his mind. Cats are like that.

To the dog, seriously...1 walk every 2 weeks for a Husky mix. Yes, this dog needs multiple walks each day for much more the 5-10 minutes per walk. He also needs to have training on something; behavior, nose, running, walking, flyball, disc........

As an example: I have a 13 lb miniature schnauzer, we are out for walks at least 3X/day. Total walk time is anywhere 90 minutes to 4 hours each day. Saturday and Sunday are the long walk days. Weekday walks total 90-120 minutes. We frequently will walk over 100 miles in a month. Our peak month was 135 miles.

Your roomy needs to do more than just feed and pet the dog.
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