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I'd like to do something similar to what Hunger with words does with their dogs.. So I was wondering.. Do the dogs just learn that when I click outside I go outside. But can they really understand English beyond basic words and phrases? How deep does a dogs knowledge of English go? If I where to teach a dog to understand words in English, how many words and combinations of words can a dog understand and remember?

I am just curious mostly for other peoples opinions. I know that there is a dog who knows all their toys by name, and of course my dog knows 100's of tricks, and not all of them are used often, but he can still do tricks I use less often as good as the ones I use more often.

And coming back to the button idea, how would I go about teaching this? I think I might do something like "treat" and then press the button, he gets a treat so he'll understand that the button saying treat means he gets a treat. Then shape that to him pressing the button. I hope with this method he'll understand better when I apply it to things like "outside" or "play". Or at least thats how my human brain looks at things. As we all know, dogs and humans are vastly different
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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