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It sounds to me like allergies those are the prime allergy seasons for dogs. And some dogs respond differently to allergies. My basset hound gets scabs cause of scratching. Or i should say USE to before we made a plan to prevent his allergies. first I recommend seeing your vet to take care of the initial problem.

Allergies cause itching
Itching can cause scabbing or open sores
Open sores become infected
Dog itches and chews more.

So your goal right now is to heal those scabs which i recommend going to the vet for.
after you get this taken care of here are some tips i give our clients at the vet to help prevent allergies
these should help a lot with the problem. but may still need additional help from the vet occasionally

1) Hills prescription diet D/D it comes in different uncommon combinations such as RICE & EGG, POTATO & SALMON, DUCK & POTATO. its pricey but it will eliminate a lot of the common food allergies right away without having to try a bunch of different combinations. That would be good or get a high quality food like diamond foods naturals or blue buffalo.
2) CLEAN water give your pet filtered or bottled water.
3) build up your dogs immune system. Give him pet vitamins!
4) plain yogurt
5) bathe your dog once a week or once every other week with a hypo allergenic shampoo.
6) wash the dogs bedding if it has a bed
7) only use products from your vet. Especially those that go on the skin. Shampoos and flea treatments specifically
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