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I want to be up front about the fact that I've never dealt with anything like what you describe and never had any kind of collie. I have dealt with rescues that didn't want to eliminate on a leash and with one of my own puppies who didn't want to go anywhere but her own yard.

That said, thinking about what you posted, I'd try:

Putting a pad of the kind the breeder used outside and as close to the door you take her out through as possible to see if that encourages her to go outside. If you can come up with a few drops of urine to put on it, not enough to make it used, but enough to scent it, that might also help.

Take her outside as often as you can. Set a timer for every 20 minutes if you can and see if a day or two of that makes a difference. Set your alarm to wake you every couple hours in the night for a couple of nights, get her out that often, and see if that makes a difference.

My sense is that collies and shepherds are both sensitive breeds, so if you have a success, yes, praise generously, but don't get boisterous about it, more enthusiastic but suitable for a delicate lady if that's in any way clear.

Confine her somewhere with a hard floor like tile and make sure nothing cloth or cloth like is on that floor - which would mean no bedding for a while, but I'd try it.

If you don't have another dog, see if you can get a friend, relative, or neighbor to help with theirs (needs to be a puppy tolerant one, of course) and take them outside together. See if watching and smelling another dog eliminate outside and be praised and rewarded inspires her.

Keep her as clean as you can even if it means a bath in very gentle soap daily so she gets more used to being clean than dirty. I know you said this was a litter raised by a family, but the first thing I thought of from your description of her behavior is a puppy raised in a way that forced her to be in her and her littermates' excrement regularly. It does happen with amateur owners. Keeping puppies clean once the bitch stops doing it is a LOT of work.

Even if she is deaf or doesn't hear well, I don't see why it would affect housebreaking.

Good luck.
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