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HSUS offering university degrees

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Story Here

What are your thoughts on this? The comments below that article are also somewhat interesting/amusing to read.
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You judge an entire organisation by what one person said 15 years ago while in his twenties?

Here is the HSUS Statement of Policy approved by the board of directors. Everything HSUS does is bound by this policy. Read it and tell my what specifically you disagree with.

I would disagree with the following:

We support the enactment and enforcement of animal control ordinances designed to regulate, deter, and reduce companion animal breeding,

The HSUS opposes the hunting of any living creature ....

The HSUS opposes the killing of marine mammals for commercial, sport, ....

The HSUS opposes the trapping, rearing on "fur ranches," and killing of animals for the production of fur apparel and accessories.

he HSUS advocates an end to the use of animals in research and testing that is harmful to the animals.

Also you get the feeling reading their policies that they really also want to say that we should not have any domesticated agricultural animals.

Their strident opposition of the seal hunt in Canada makes me believe they may be an organization, like Greenpeace, more concerned with self promotion and fundraising than their supposed fundamental goals. Saving baby seals, like saving old growth forests, make good TV, but is hardly a fundamental issue. I don't know much about HSUS but if they are 1/2 as morally bankrupt as Greenpeace then pet owners everywhere should shun and work to discredit them.
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They are, after all, a humane society. Would you expect them not to be opposed to hunting, trapping, whaling, fur farming, animal testing, etc?
I would expect them to be opposed to inhumane methods of hunting, etc and opposed to animal testing in certain instances (e.g. cosmetic companies) but not to make such a generalized statement, which is, as written, extreme.
Will employers take this degree program seriously?
I didn't know anything about the HSUS when I first looked at the link, but when I read the following paragraph, I concluded that it was a joke:
Across the three majors, all students would take two courses: Animal Protection as a Social Movement and Animals and Ethics. The animal studies major is intended to be interdisciplinary in nature, and the core courses include Understanding the Human Animal Bond, Sociology of Animal Abuse, Animals in Literature, Global Animal Issues, and Animal Protection and the Environment. Core courses for the animal policy and advocacy major, meanwhile, include Research Methods for Humane Change, Animals and Public Policy, and Animals, Advocacy and Corporate Change
This isn't university education; its a training course to fulfill someone's particular political agenda. Boot camp for wacko animal activists. If you want education, teach people about animal physiology, animal psychology, agricultural methods involving animals, the structure and economics of the pet and livestock industries, how animals are used in testing etc and then after they actually know something and go and work for 10 years in the field, then they should start worrying about 'global animal issues' and advocacy.

I don't see why any employer would take this seriously. What value does it bring to an employer?
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