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Thank you for the concern and for asking :) ... Leeo is passing whatever it was ... still not sure. I looked everywhere ... only thing I can figure out is that he ate stuffing from a couch pillow. In almost 6 years he has never destroyed anything. I think the prednisone he is taking made him very very hungry and crazy. This is the first time he has ever been on this drug. :/ He was able to walk by himself last night very slowly ... as I have had to carry him everywhere for the last couple of days ... and by this morning he actually was able to go up and down the steps himself. I still do not see anything as I keep checking his poo. He is eating 4 small chicken and kibble meals per day to help him push it all out. He also has nausea pills.

That was the scariest experience ever for me in all my years of owning dogs! Actually with all the terrible things that have happened this month with DF dogs ... I was even more scared ... the old " It happens in threes " saying/or myth? Seen it too many times. :(

EDIT: I also forgot to mention that Leeo could have also possibly gotten into the kitchen trash bag even though I take it out every evening after dinner ... my Dad said he had hollered at him when the bag was on the floor and I had my back turned clearing off the dinner table ... Leeo is a quick little thing .... he could have scarfed something down so fast! ... it is so hard to tell ... just glad there seems to be no blockage ......
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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