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Howling in new living situation while home alone.

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My husband and I just brought home my old retired show dog, Tully, from my parents house (was there while I was away at school). Tully, a very well behaved English Springer Spaniel, will be 9 in April and is a completely wonderful dog to have. Now that we are out of college and in a dog friendly apartment I was able to bring Tully home with me to Oregon.
I would like advice on how to get him use to his new environment, without having the stress of being home alone while we are away at work.
We left him for about 45 minuets while we went grocery shopping and came home to hear him only howling (not barking) - and I perfectly understand that he is worried about being alone in a new environment. What is the best way to transition him into feeling safe and accustomed with his new living arrangement? I've already started on a schedule with him, his eating, elimination, kennel time, and free time, but I'm so concerned about making sure that he feels safe and comfortable where he is.
My husband is home all this week to get Tully use to his new situation, but I'm getting worried that a week isn't long enough. He stays home in an ex pen while we are away with a few bones and a plush toy.

Any suggestions??
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I haven't dealt with this particular situation before, but I just want to say that I hope things are going OK. Exercising him before leaving him alone may help, as may a stuffed Kong.
Since your husband will be home all week it would be wise to have him leave the apartment and see how long he can be outside before the howling begins. When the dog starts howling see how long before the howling stops while he is outside. As soon as there is a few second pause he should re-enter the apartment and praise the dog. Do this repeatedly throughout the day and days he is home. Keep a record of the times and you should see the howling times drop.

At the same time this is going on you should leave a radio on or a TV on. Stuffed Kongs are also good in addition to the above I have stated.
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