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Howl to Home - Matchmaking App for Rescue Dogs + Potential Adopters!

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Hi Everyone!

Howl to Home is a brand new matchmaking app for rescue dogs + potential adopters! We empower rescues by allowing them to prescreen potential adopters before starting the conversation! If you have a free min, download the app/register your rescue & let us know your feedback! Our V.2 goal is to create a database of every dog, rescue & adopter to help combat dog abuse & the reselling of dogs to medical labs, fighters & hoarders! We will be expanding to cats in Version 2!

Download the app in the Apple App Store: http://bit.ly/DownloadHowltoHome

*Upload + manage your adoptable dogs
*See your potential adopter matches for each or your dogs based on mutual set preferences
*The power is in your hands! If you think a potential adopter may be a good match for your dog, you can start a conversation with them to exchange further information and schedule a meet + greet! If you don't think a potential adopter is right for your dog, simply "decline" their connection as potential adopters cannot enable the messaging feature without your consent.
*You can view all of the potential adopters profile pictures, bios, and review their built-in adoption forms which all have to be completed to connect to you!
*The app is always 100% free for all rescues!
*We protect the rescues by keeping their information/location hidden to limit the noise and overwhelming responses that you receive daily.

-Create your profile: picture, bio, and built-in adoption form
-Set your preferences to see your matches
-Swipe right on your favorite matches
-Send your connection to the rescue of the dog you wish to adopt
-If the rescue thinks you're a great fit for their dog, they'll start the conversation with you!

We believe the Howl of every dog in need of a forever home has been heard! This year, 2018, is for the dogs!

Help spread the word so every dog can find their forever home by giving us a shoutout on social media!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/@howltohome

Website: www.howltohome.com

We are so excited for this new era in animal adoption! :)

-Krista & John (Howl to Home Founders)
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